Editorial Board and Writers

Editorial Board

  • Elizabeth Byce

  • Flo Schade

  • Barry Weisleder

  • John Wilson

  • Gary Porter

  • Yener Kaya


Barry Weisleder is a retired secondary school teacher, union organizer, writer, and editor. He is the Federal Secretary of Socialist Action. He is a member of the Ontario NDP provincial council. His speech at the 2011 Federal NDP Convention in Vancouver ably defended keeping the word ‘Socialism’ in the party’s Constitution. For 20 years President of the Toronto Substitute Teachers, Barry was elected three times to the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union Executive, for many years a delegate to the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, and is Chairperson of the NDP Socialist Caucus.

Flo Schade is a lifelong activist and lifelong learner. She joined revolutionary Socialist organizing with Socialist Action in 2021. She currently works as a legal advocate and lives in Terrace, northern BC with her family.

Gary Porter is a member of the Central Committee of Socialist Action in Victoria BC and a retired CPA, FCGA, CA. He is the author of many articles and seminars on current issues and Marxist theory. You can easily reach out to Gary by dropping him an email at gary@redreview.ca.

Stephen Crozier is past president of the New Westminster and District Labour Council, and a member of Socialist Action in White Rock, B.C.

Yener Kara, based in Ottawa, is an activist, researcher, and public service worker. He is a leading member of Socialist Action and covers a wide range of subjects in his writings, spanning political economy, international politics, and the arts.

Yves Engler is a Montréal-based activist and author who has published 12 books including his latest Stand on Guard For Whom? A People’s History of the Canadian Military. Feel free to visit Yves' website to discover more about him, explore his articles, and delve into details about his books.